Try Predit Live!

Here you can try our predictive models live: 

  • explore sample machine learning scenarios, with ready-to-use training Fashion & Retail datasets provided by us
  • run a demo version of Alice, our Artificial Intelligence on your own dataset
  • receive a customized report with dataset analysis and accuracy evaluation

Ecommerce dataset with article features, rating and 15 weeks of sales performance. The goal is to forecast sales of week 16.

1500 articles, 30 features

Multichannel sales dataset, the goal is to predict whether an article will be sold at markdown price or not.

1700 articles, 20 features

Wholesale sales of fashion articles in two different seasons, prediction target is sales performance.

90.000 articles, 20 features

A collection of handbags, with binary tags representing semi-structured features and sales volume as forecast target.

1300 articles, 30 features

Custom Dataset from your own data! (CSV only)

Min Columns 100, Max Columns 5 - Min Rows 300, Max Rows 100.000